Breathe Free - the open source breath sampler consortium

The challenge

No standard method exists for the capture of exhaled breath samples and the methods currently used vary in the analytical approach.

Breathe Free’s aims

  • Assemble a community of researchers interested in breath based diagnostics.
  • Share our collective knowledge of breath sampling.
  • Jointly design a breath sampler that can be used with a range of analytical instruments.

Open source & free to access

Our designs are open source and will be made freely available to anyone. By sharing the expertise of many we hope to solve the thorny issues of standardisation of breath sampling and by giving this design away we hope to progress the field of breath based diagnostics.

Join in

We welcome support, comments and contributions at all levels of the project. Sign up to be a contributor or to receive updates as the work progresses.

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News: samplers now available

The first production version of a Breathe Free sampler has been made.


Owlstone Medical have released details of "ReCIVA - Respiration Collector for In Vitro Analysis".

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